The Childhood Memory of Ivor Cutler

It is not a secret anymore and that your childhood memory is one thing that will affect your whole life. In fact, kids with bad childhood memories usually ended up to have a bad future. At least, that is one thing that many people had experienced. However, some others will be better because of that bad memory. One of those kids who can survive from the bad experience of the childhood memory is Ivor Cutler. He was one of the greatest musician, songwriter, and poet that you can find in the area of UK and had had quite a bad experience and memory when he was a kid.

Many people in UK realized that Ivor Cutler was one of the best musician and songwriter is in UK. Unfortunately, not all of them realized that Ivor Cutler had a bad childhood memory when he was about four years old. The worst thing happened when he was around 4 years old. Around that age, he had a new brother.

Because he used to live with only his parents, he was shocked because he had to split the love from his parents with his own brother. Because of that thing to, he almost killed his own brother. Fortunately, his nanny knew what he was doing and stopped him.

After that incident, Ivor Cutler was feeling depressed. Starting from that time to, he wrote some new poems related with the feeling of depressed that he had. That is why if you take a closer look at the poems from Ivor Cutler, you will notice that most of those poems were quite emotional. It is one thing that many people in might have never known about Ivor Cutler. If he were not able to deal with the depression that he had, maybe he would not be able to be as good as he is now. Have you noticed that thing?

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