Getting Closer to the Some of Favorite Ivor Cutler Popular Albums!

Getting Closer to the Some of Favorite Ivor Cutler Popular Albums

Getting Closer to the Some of Favorite Ivor Cutler Popular Albums! – Most of the people may familiar with Ivor Cutler as a talented poet in the UK region that becomes his masterpiece during his life. Ivor Cutler is also a great musician that writes numerous song titles in his album. And among of the albums that he wrote, there are some album becomes the popular and best albums, even people still looking for those albums, following:

– Ludo
Ludo is not the first album of Ivor Cutler, but it still becomes one of the greatest albums from ever. But, among those Ivor Cutler’s album, Ludo becomes the first album that gains a lot of attention and popularity from the society and catches millions attention everyday.

With his talent, Ivor Cutler worked together to create this Ludo album with two friends who help him and it also becomes the Ivory Cuttler trio that you know, they are Gill Lions as bassist and Trevor Tompkins as a percussionist. This album releases in 1967 and produced by George Martin that ever worked with the Beatles.

– Dandruff
Dandruff album also becomes one of unique, and different from the other Ivor Cutler’s albums. The making process of this album is separated from his trio since it was his solo album. Under the great name of Virgin Records, this Dandruff album gains his popularity in every part of the world just like how popular everyday among the online gambling players from everywhere..

– Velvet Donkey and Jammy Smears

Following up on the Dandruff album released that is on two years after, Ivor Cutler has prepared the other best albums under Virgin Records including the Velvet Donkey and Jammy Smears. The Velvet Doney originally released in 1975 and Jammy Smears also released in 1976. On these two albums, we can see that there is some poetic lyric which is the characteristic of Ivor Cutler as the poet and also a songwriter. But unfortunately, it can be the last contract between the Virgin Records and Cutler. The album of Jammy Smears’s contract was cut down and he should find another record to continue his career as musician and songwriter.

There are a variety of albums that Ivory Cutler produced and released entire his life. And among of a lot of albums, Ludo, Dandruff, Velvet Donkey and also Jammy Smears will be the greatest one. Ludo, Dandruff, Velvet Donkey and Jammy Smears can be the best Ivor Cutler albums ever. Through those popular albums, Ivor Cutler can get his glory as a musician and also songwriter.

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