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"The squire on
the hippopotamus
is equal
to the son of
the other two squires"
	Ivor Cutler 

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Ivor Cutler of Y'Hup: Oblique Musical Philosopher . (EP) Fontana, 1959.
Get Away from the Wall . (EP) Decca, 1961.
Who Tore Your Trousers? (LP) Decca, 1961.
Ludo. (LP) Parlophone EMI, 1967. (With Gill Lyons - doublebass, and Trvor Tomkins - percussion).
- Reissued (Cassette Tape) by Creation Records, date?
The Great Gray Grasshopper + I had a Little Boat . (Single) Parlophone EMI, 1967.
Dandruff. (LP) Virgin, 1974.
Velvet Donkey . (LP) Virgin, 1975.
Jammy Smears. (LP) Virgin, 1976.
Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, Volume 2 . (LP) Harvest EMI, 1978.
- LP reissued by Speakout Records, 1987.
Privilege. (LP) Rough Trade, 1983. (With Linda Hirst)
Women of the World + Counting Song (Single) Rough Trade, 1983.
Gruts. (LP) Rough Trade, 1986.
Prince Ivor: A Collection of Plays . (2 LP's) Rough Trade/BBC, 1986.
The Peel Sessions . (LP) Strange Fruit/BBC, 1989.


Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, Volume 2 . (CD) Rev-Ola, 1995. (First released 1978.)

A Wet Handle . (CD) Creation, 1997. (Also released on cassette tape)

Ludo. (CD) Rev-Ola, 1997. (With Gill Lyons - doublebass, and Trvor Tomkins - percussion). (First released 1967).

A Flat Man . (CD) Creation, 1998. (Also released on cassette tape)

Cute (H)ey? (CD) EMI Songbook Series, 1999 (7243 4 96610 2 8).  NB this is a compilation of music by various artists, selected by Ivor Cutler . Two tracks by Ivor Cutler are included:  I Believe in Bugs and I'm Walkin to a Farm.  The CD comes in a booklet  (ISBN 1-85848-565-7) which has extensive artwork and text by Ivor Cutler.

An Elpee and Two Epees. (CD) Decca, 2005. (This is a re-release of all tracks from: Ivor Cutler of Y'Hup, 1959; Get Away from the Wall, 1961; Who Tore Your Trousers ? 1961.)

A Flat Man . (CD) Hoorgi House Records, 2008.  This is a re-release of the 1998 album. The newly-designed CD includes artwork by Ivor, and notes by Jeremy Cutler.           http://www.hoorgihouse.com/

 Privilege. (CD) Hoorgi House Records, 2009.  Finally available on CD after 26 years!  This is the first CD issue of the album. Originally released as a vinyl LP by renowned record label Rough Trade in 1983.  Ivor Cutler is joined on this album by singer Linda Hurst, as well as musicians David Toop and Steve Beresford.          http://www.hoorgihouse.com/


Guest Appearances

Neil Ardley - A Symphony Of Amaranths.   Regal Zonophone, 1972.  Ivor recites Edward Lears nonsense poem 'The Dong With The Luminous Nose.  See Neil Ardley's website for further details - http://www.neilardley.com/

"V" (Virgin Sampler)    Virgin, 1975.   The album has a previously unreleased Ivor Cutler track called 'Grass' (which was later covered by Robert Wyatt on a Rough Trade single in the mid 80's)

 John Peel:  Right Time Wrong Speed .  Warner, 2006.  This compilation includes Episode 6 from 'Life in a Scotch Sitting Room'.

Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom.  Domino,  2008.  (First released on Virgin, 1974)  Ivor guests on the final track 'Little Red Robin Hood Hits The Road'.

Morgan Fisher: Miniatures Vol 1 & 2  2008. Cherry Red.  This interesting collection first released in 1980, includes Ivor's performance of  Brooch Boat  -  part recital, part song  -  with harmonium.


Jan 2009 - Jeremy Cutler . 





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