Ivor Cutler as the Legendary Poet

Ivor Cutler as the Legendary Poet

Ivor Cutler as the Legendary Poet – There are a lot of legendary and famous poets in the world of art and poetry. However, not all of those poets had their own stage and got the chance to be known by the world. One of them is Ivor Cutler who was born in Glasgow in 1932. As one of those poets who did not have his own stage, Ivor Cutler was considered as a great poet. That is because during his lifetime, he wrote a lot of poems that attracts the attention of the world. One unique thing that you might have never hears from Ivor Cutler is the fact that he turned most of those poems into songs. This might be one of those things that made Ivor Cutler never had his own stage as a poet. That is because most of his poems were sung, not read.

Even though he was known as one of the greatest poets in Scotland, there are not many people who know how dark his past is. That is because he has the jealousy over his own little brother. Yes, Ivor Cutler was the only children of his parents until he was reaching his teenage years. He got all of the attentions from his parents during those times. However, when he was reaching his critical age, the teenage years, he had a little brother who took all of the attentions of his parents from him. The problem came when Ivor Cutler tried to kill his own brother because of the jealousy. Fortunately, he was stopped by the nanny who found out the incidents. After that time, Ivor Cutler was lost on his own thoughts. The history about the poem and creation can be found at for detail information.

As one of those problematic kids, Ivor Cutler was a very great kid. That is because during those critical teenage times, he was able to survive and become a better person for his own future. That is because he was able to stand up and show the world that he has the strength to fight, even if he has to do it alone. Those times were also the times when Ivor Cutler started to make a lot of poems that made him as famous as he is now. He is one of those kids who turned his problems into his own advantage. That is why many of his works are quite gloomy for some people. Even though, none of those people deny that those works are absolutely amazing.

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