Ivor Cutler’s Legacies in the Show Industry

Ivor Cutler’s Legacies in the Show Industry

Ivor Cutler’s Legacies in the Show Industry – Ivor Cutler was poet and musician that performed in several programs, mainly BBC radio. He recorded some materials for John Peel’s show that turned him into popularity path. He was born in Glasgow, 15 January 1923. He also produced some albums and wrote books in several genre. His works in entertainment industry were versatile because involved in many performances from small until big shows. His genres were poetry, comedy, spoken word, rock, and jazz.

He also had some live performance where played harmonium and piano. His music performance was interactive and attractive because combines both instruments with interesting contents. He made his own materials and performed directly on BBC radio. The Beatles asked him to be part of their movie in 1967, Magical Mystery Tour. He played character Buster Bloodvessel, a courier. His most know work was in John Peel’s show. People noticed his performance and started listening more that made him popular. This was his peak time in entertainment industry, especially radio performance. He collaborated with several artists and musicians such as George Martin and Trevor Tomkins. The latter was percussionist who collaborated with Cutler for new album. From his works as musician, he played several instruments such as piano and bass.

In the 1970s, he participated and sang in Neil Ardley’s album. He also played harmonium and sang for Rock Bottom in 1974. This album was created by Robert Wyatt. Cutler also worked with Morgan Fisher and contributed in his track. His works in music industry was another factor of his popularity. He could play piano and some instruments including became singer. He extended and expanded his contributions in same albums alongside more musicians.

Ivor Cutler’s Legacies

His performance was the most prominent work that people recognized. He created poet and story then performed in the stage. He played piano and harmonium respectively based on his own materials. This kind of performance made him unique, even more interesting. On the other side, he had extensive material with utmost creativity. His show always had fresh idea even though contents were quite similar from previous one. He also used some recording from John Peel and put into new works.

As poet, Ivor Cutler wrote many poetries for his performances and books. The published books for adult and children and also be found at https://poker678.net online gallery. His works became his legacies to the future generation. People still recognize him as one of the best performer in the show business. Moreover, his work inspires other poets, songwriters, and artists.

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