Ivor Cutler’s Works and Careers

Ivor Cutler’s Works

Ivor Cutler’s Works and Careers – Radio shows gained popularity in old day when television was still rare. People tuned favorite channel and listened to interesting performance. Several decades ago, Ivor Cutler was considered popular figure in radio show, especially BBC. He was poet, songwriter, comedian, book writer, and musicians. His works are extensive and available in various genre. He took part in several projects alongside other popular musicians including The Beatles. His work with John Peel was the most popular performances that became his main legacies.

He was born in 15 January 1923. His father was a jeweler and had shop at Glasgow. He attended the Shawlands Academy and joined military, the Royal Air Force in 1942. In that time, he became navigator and store man. He started new work in London at The Inner London Education Authority. He became teacher and taught several courses. He gave lesson such as poetry, music, drama, and dance to children. He left in 1950s and continued as teacher in other places.

He started as musician and wrote some songs. He made first performance on BBC radio. He featured on the Home service and The Monday Night at Home. Both were programmes where made him popular. He took parts in several sessions until 1963. He had his own show and continued to perform. During his appearances, he always had two instruments, piano and harmonium. He played both with distinct and interesting tone. His style was considered brilliant and different from others. After became popular, he received invitation from several artists and musicians. The records about the songs and movie can be found also in https://homebet88.online and The Beatles gave him part in their movie.

Ivor Cutler’s Works and Careers

His works in music industry involved several musicians such as George Martin, Trevor Tomkins, Neil Ardley, Robert Wyatt, and Morgan Fisher. He played piano, harmonium, bass, and other instruments in various albums. He wrote songs and sang for several tracks including some singles. He continued worked as musician and did more live performances during his life. He also joined into Andy Kershaw’s radio show.

People recognized him easily because eccentric dressing style he always had during live performance and did monologue. Other artists stated that he had keen word and unique way for expressing emotion. That was his key factor that separated him from other. He combined poet, story, music, and comedy into single show. Moreover, some guests are invited for collaboration that made his performance became more interesting. He also wrote some books, mostly for children. He died in 3 March 2008.

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