Secrets in Ivor Cutler Musical career

Musical career

Ivor Cutler was considered as one of those famous poets that you can find in UK region. That is because he wrote quite a lot of poems in his life. To make it even better, he even wrote quite a lot of songs based on all of those poets that he had written in the past. That is why many people who have listened to his song will surely understand that most of his song lyrics are poetic. That was also one of those reasons why he was quite famous as a songwriter at that time too. however, there are some secrets about him that you might have never known before.

The first one is the fact that his debut was not alone. Actually, he was alone when he started his music career, but none of those people knew who Ivor Cutler was. Fortunately, he made a trio with some other people and that was the first time when people learned about his name as one of the greatest songwriter in that era. All of that were thanks to the help of Gill Lyons that play the bass and Trevor Tompkins who play the percussion on the trio that he had in the past.

Another secret that many people at missed is the fact that the trio had the contract with Virgin Records for three albums. Many people think that Ivor Cutler will continue the contract with Virgin Records after the trio was disbanded some years later. However, that never happened because Virgin Records wanted the three of them to stay together. That is why the contract was also ended as soon as the trio was disbanded. Fortunately, Ivor Cutler still has the skills in writing some more song. That is why he never stopped to write and sing more songs on his own.

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