Some Great Albums from Ivory Cutler Himself

Ivory Cutler Himself

Many people used to think that Ivory Cutler was not a great musician. That is because his basic was a poet. That is why many people think that he will never be a great musician. However, he personally broke all of those negative thoughts about him. it is true that his basic was a poet, but that is the only thing that he needed to be a great songwriter. Yes, that is the only step that he took in the past that finally led him to release some of the greatest albums in his life. Here are some of those albums.

The first great album from Ivory Cutler entitled Ludo. This album was not the first album from Ivory Cutler. That is because there are some albums that were released before Ludo. However, this album was the first one that boomed. Many people said that the main reason is because this album was made by the Ivory Cutler Trio. That is why this album was perfected by the other two members of this trio.

The next great album of Ivory Cutler was Dandruff. The name was quite unique actually and that unique thing is also something that you can find inside the album. On this album, Ivory Cutler has separated from his trio for few years. That is why this one can be considered as the first great album of Ivory Cutler since this is his own solo album. For your information, the fact that this album is under the name of Virgin Records might be one thing that made this album quite famous. As one album under the great name of Virgin Records, you can be sure that the result is something that you should not ask anymore at Those are some of the great albums from Ivory Cutler that you need to know.

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