Some of the Things that People Do not Know about Ivor Cutler

Do not Know about Ivor Cutler

When people were talking about Ivor Cutler, many of them might thing about great musician or a songwriter. However, not all of this people knew that Ivor Cutler was a poet. Yes, that is one thing that many people missed from Ivor Cutler. For your information, Ivor Cutler was actually a poet. He had written quite lot of poems in his life, most of the poems are used and translated into a good song lyrics. That is one reason that made Ivor Cutler to be one of those greatest some riders in UK. Besides that fact alone, there are still some other things that people do not know about Ivor Cutler. Here are some of them.

The first one is the emotional lyrics and poem. There are not many people who realized that he had a bad childhood memory. That is because he had the feeling of being replaced as a kid. When he was about 4 years old, he had a brother and most of the love from his parents went to his brother.

That is one thing that made him so fragile at the time. In fact, Ivor Cutler almost killed his own brother. Fortunately, his nanny noticed that time so she stopped him to kill his brother. That is why most of his poems are considered as something emotional.

Another thing that people missed from Ivor Cutler is that he had quiet lot of albums. To make it simple, he had released more than for 14 albums in his musical career. To make it even better, three of those albums were made under the name of Virgin Records. For your information, Virgin Records was one of the greatest records around that time. That is why when he joined Virgin Records, he had quite a lot of fans.

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