The Gloomy Works of Ivor Cutler

The Gloomy Works of Ivor Cutler

The Gloomy Works of Ivor Cutler – The name of Ivor Cutler as one of those Scotland poets is considered as something quite famous. However, it is quite unique to find out that Ivor Cutler was known for his gloomy poets. Yes, this is because there are so many poets from Ivor Cutler that have the gloomy atmosphere. Many people agree that this is caused by the fact that Ivor Cutler had the rough teenage years, especially when he has to deal with the birth of his little brother. That was one of the toughest times that he had in his life.

Ivor Cutler was the only child of his parents until he reached his teenage years. That is not a short time to get all of the love, time, and attentions from his parents. To make it worse, in the world of parenting, teenage years is the time when a kid should get proper attention from their parents. Unfortunately, all of those things are the opposite of his life. The reason is because he felt that he lost all of the attentions, loves, and times from his parents because of the birth of his little brother. That was the time when he felt that his world was crumbled. As a matter of fact, there was time when Ivor Cutler tried to kill his own brother without anyone notice. Fortunately, the little baby was saved by his nanny.

That kind of past, is not something that any people can easily forget. That is why most of the works from Ivor Cutler have the gloomy impression. You can easily get that kind of feeling just by reading some his poems. People do not complain. People only have to accept the fact that he was doing great to turn those gloomy times into some of the best poets that made him famous as he is now.

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