The Life and Work of Ivor Cutler

The Life and Work of Ivor Cutler

The Life and Work of Ivor Cutler – Ivor Cutler was known as poet, songwriter, and musician. He was born in 15 January 1923 as Scottish. He turned into popular figure after became part of several performances such as John Peel and Andy Kershaw. He also made his own show and performed regularly in BBC. In 1967, he was in Magical Mystery Tour and television programmes created by Neil Innes. He wrote books and became teacher at Neill’s Summerhill School. He created some albums and did live performance. In general, he had done many things in entertainment industry. He was dead in 3 March 2006.

Cutler started as the poet in the 1950s.when appeared on radio as part of the Monday Night at Home. This programme was on BBC called Home service. He began participated in 1959 until 1963. People acknowledged him as pianist that captivated attention from audience. Moreover, he was skilled harmonium and often combined alongside piano during his performance. This unique collaboration made him interesting figure for radio programme. His style attracted several musicians and ask him for collaboration. That was why he took part in The Beatles’s movie in 1967. He played courier named Buster Bloodvessel.

He continued to be in music industry for several years. He worked in other projects as pianist and bassist. He participated in their albums and recorded several individual materials together. This was his time to be musician before took part in BBC radio. His music career was still long because still produced several albums while he did his performance.

He recorded first session for John Peel’s show. He continued to be the part of show for several years. With this show, he gained popularity and gave John Peel his gratitude. His performance generated attraction from many fans. His popularity expanded into other fields more fans admired his works. People gave him appreciations not just young generation but also old listeners who always picked BBC radio as their favorite channel.

He made a poetry that took from several references and inspirations. His skill in this area was reason why audiences liked his performances. He also had some books written for children and adult. His gathered all his works in poetry that had been performed since long time ago. He turned those collections into several books. His literary works was very important for his performances. He often did crossover between one act and other to obtain unique and more entertaining show.

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