The Tough Experiences of Ivor Cutler in the Past

The Tough Experiences of Ivor Cutler in the Past

All of the people agree that the shining future can only be obtained from the dark and sorrow past. That might also be something that happened to Ivor Cutler, one of the best poets from Glasgow Scotland. For your information, there are quite a lot of people who know his name because of many of his creations. Unfortunately, there are not many people who learned that he was able to achieve all of those achievements because of the dark and sorrow pasts that he experienced in the past; starting from the problems with the religion and also the fact that he almost killed his own brother.

Starting from the killing problem, he used to be alone with his parents and those times were the best times in his life because he got all of the loves from his parents. Unfortunately, when he was three years old, he had a little brother who took all of the attentions from both of his parents. At that time, he had a feeling of being replaced by his own little brother and he made a decision that he had to kill him. Fortunately, that incident was found out by his nanny at that time and his little brother was survived. That was also the time when he finally realized that he made a wrong decision and he wanted to do something better in his life. Finally, he was able to develop his creativity even more starting around that age.

The Tough Experiences of Ivor Cutler in the PastAs an addition to that incident, he also had a problem with the religion that he had. That is because he was born as a Jewish because of his family. Unfortunately, at one point he asked one of the seniors about the God. He did not get the kind of answer that he was looking for so that he left Jewish and became an atheist. However, his searching for God did not stop there because he was still looking for some other places to find God until he went to one church, which he felt as the best place to find God. After some times visiting the, he was approached by the father there and he asked the same question like he used to ask when he finally left the Jew. Even though he did not get the best answer that he was looking for, at least the explanation of God from the father was good enough so that he became an agnostic, not atheist anymore.

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