Things You Have Missed from Ivor Cutler in His Music Career

Ivor Cutler is known as one of the best songwriters

For some people, Ivor Cutler is known as one of those great poets with the high standard for all of the poems that he wrote. However, for some other people, Ivor Cutler is known as one of the best songwriters that has written quite a lot of songs with the most poetic ways. That might be caused by the fact that he had the basic as a poet. That was also one of the reasons why he was able to have a quite nice musical career by releasing some songs in his life. For your information, there are still some other things related with the musical career of Ivor Cutler that many of you might have missed. Here are some of those things.

The first one is that he used to have a trio of his own. If you think that he is a lonely singer on his own music, you are a bit wrong. That is because on the beginning of his musical career he used to have a trio with some of his friends. They are Gill Lyons on the bass and also Trevor Tompkins on the percussion. As an addition to that, this trio was also able to release an album entitled Ludo in 1967. The next thing is the fact that he had a contract with Virgin Records, one of the best records around the 1970s. Yes, this one can be a great achievement for his musical career because he was able to release the total of three albums with Virgin Records since 1974 until 1976. Even though he only managed to release three albums with Virgin Records, there were a lot of appreciations for him around that time.

The next one is the life album of his childhood life. This album can be considered as something quite eccentric. That is because on this album Ivor Cutler sang all of the songs with his own native accent from Glasgow. As an addition to that, this life album consisted of the songs telling every people who listen to the song about the stories of his childhood who have to fight with the great depression. The last but not least, it is about the last album of Ivor Cutler that was re-released in 2008. Sad news for his fans in Ivor Cutler passed away in 2006, but two years after that, one of the albums entitled A Flat Man was re-released under the name of Creation Record to remind people about the songs from Ivor Cutler.

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