Traumatic Childhood Experiences of Ivor Cutler

Traumatic Childhood Experiences of Ivor Cutler

Many people think that if you had a bad childhood memories and experiences you will not be able to be a good person in the future. That is one thing that happened with many kids. However, Ivor Cutler might be one of those few who can break all of those opinions about being bad if you had a bad childhood experience. That is because even though he had a bad childhood memories and experiences, he proved to the world that he can have a future that many people wanted. That is not something easy to realize though.

If you are talking about the childhood memory of Pfeiffer Cutler, you will notice that he did not have lot of good childhood memories as a kid. In fact, he had quite a lot of bad memories and experiences. For the start, he almost killed his own brother when he was around four years old. The main reason was because his parents care more about his brother compared to him. The feeling of being replaced pushed him to kill his own brother at a very young age. Fortunately, the life of his own brother was saved by the nanny who saw that incident at that time.

Another thing that you need to know is the fact that Ivor Cutler changed his religion for a few times when he was a teenager. Even though he was raised in a Jewish family, he was still asking the existence of God. Because he was never able to get the answer about the God and religion, he chose to be atheist. Luckily, he did not stop there in search for the God and religion. After searching for sometimes, he found a church where he can learn a bit about God and religion. According to that was the time when he finally changed his belief into agnostic.

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